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I just finished the conversion on chassis 815. The new package has 50 minutes of easy track break-in time on it.

Transmission (#1069) by Duane Neyer M/S
-New Ring and Pinion
-New 3-4-5 Straight Cut Gear Sets
-New 2nd Gear
-New Forks, Synchros and Hubs
AIM Dash with Lap Time and Engine Info
Ceramic Coated Header
New Muffler
Powder Coated Blue Frame
3 sets of Wheels ( 2 Used Dry Tire Sets but no Rains)
Easy Adjustable Front Toe Links
Butler Seat with Headrests
White Paint, No Body Damage
Quick Disconnect Steering Wheel
Schroth Seat Belts
Brake Bias Kit
Heavy Duty Car Cover
PBS Quick Jack
Spare Plastic Original Seat
Spare Dash With Analog Gauges
2 Fuel Jugs
Full Prep with Alignment, Bumpsteer and Scaled
Annual Inspection Done 6-18
Track Ready. Sit Down, Belt In and Go!
Located in Florida with Delivery Possible
Mick Robinson

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