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bimmer635csi wrote:Corey, when you comin' racin' out here man? I'm having a blast out here bringing up the rear of the field and trying to stay out of Miz's way when he laps me.


Hey Chris, I had plans to bring my car out to Ca but as it turns out 1/2 the fun of racing is hanging out with your friends. Kevin, John & I have full blown halfassed racing team now. Lol! All the other Texas friends and racers that go along with the group I'm having too good of a time to leave. I'm considering buying another car to bring to Ca. We raced Road Atlanta & Hallett majors this year. Life got busy so we decided to take some time off. I'll be back out to test at Cresson on 10-1 with the crew. 8-)

Text me your contact info at 714-658-6291. I'd like to stop by the next event at Cal speedway if my schedule allows.

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