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My son and I bought a Gen 2 over the winter after running a BMW E36 M3 for the last three years. He is the primary driver and it has a Butler seat that fits him. I am looking for a used Butler seat for me as I will only drive once or twice a season. It needs to be for a large guy...6'3" 250lbs. If anyone has a seat that might work let me know and we can discuss fitment.



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What part of the country are you in?
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You might want to consider a bead seat. The bead seat fiberglass insert is available and allows you to set lower than the Butler seat, you sit on the floor. You can get the bead seat from any CSR and the bead seat kit you can get from Pegasus Racing or other places. Expanding foam and a plastic bag works pretty well and doesn't cost much.
A Butler seat doesn't allow you to sit low in the cockpit and your head might be to close to the top of the roll bar. If you sit higher than 2" below the roll bar you can be DQ'd, see the rule book.
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I am not sure where the statement about the "Butler seat doesn't allow you to sit low in the cockpit" comes from. My ButlerBuilt seat sits on the very bottom of the floor pan. Be sure you positioned and installed it correctly.
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