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Wrong again. Every top player besides those fighting for leaderboards and stakers farmed till ToB came out RuneScape gold , Olm all of the way. Just because prices drop after a week or two does not mean the newest content is not the ideal source of revenue. If what you were saying were true, abyssal demons would still be applicable, along with dark beasts, KBD, KQ, metallic dragons, God wars, corp and the list goes on. N0valyfe, who is among if not the most effective player to ever play Runescape, was just able to max out quickly after he was one of the first people to get 85 slayer, and made a fortune off the first batches of whips to come into match.

Which is archived on his previous website. Besides bosses, battle is lackluster when it comes to earning money, and the newest bosses will always yield the most income to be produced, because the brand new things will always have the most need. What is the player make killing random slayer tasks 200k/hr? If they are lucky? Why was doubling nature runes the rewarding and consistent method of income for years if battle was so efficient? Maybe because alching is prevalent and core to Runescapes market as I said previously, and I'm not just pulling things out my bum??

Old school runescape has a healthy and thriving neighborhood, good market controlled by gamers, tons of content and everything around the world is cheap OSRS gold applicable unlike most of mmos where 90 percent of articles becomes immaterial when you hit max level. Not in Runescape. Wow is logged into by me and I get bored reason behind wquests and raids' same content. In Runescape I have a whole lot more to perform.

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