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Needs a Life!!!
Needs a Life!!!
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If you are living in the Midwest and thinking about getting into racing and want a solid competitive car, that has many National wins and track records, you need to consider this one. Not only will you be getting a well maintained car, but one at a very reasonable price. It has an excellent record of dependability,

This car has been stored in my heated garage, both during the racing season and the Minneapolis winters. I am retiring from racing and my goal is to sell our Gen 2 car this summer.
The car is in very good condition. It is ready to race and only needs an annual Tech. The frame is red powder coated and straight. The glass is typical of most Spec Racers. It is not perfect, but is in good condition.

The car is priced competitively and under current market value, so someone with a limited budget can enter racing, without breaking the bank and they can purchase other items listed to fit their budget. It would be hard to find another car at a comparable price, yet alone, in this condition.


One set of welds with Hoosiers on the car (Good for 2 weekends)
One set of steels for rains (Hoosier rain tires not included) (do have Goodyear’s)
Penske’s with about 8 weekends, since shock rebuild
Fiber glass seat
Car wired for radios
Header (heat treated)
Adjustable fuel pressure
Safety plates under fuel cell and feet
Engine that set the track race record at 2012 Runoffs at Road America, which still stands.
Fire bottle (well in safety range).
Matched injectors with dyno components
FIA 6 point belts expires end of 2020
Misl electrical relays etc
Spare Alternator
Spare starter
New style mirrors
Many Alt belts and parts

Other items that will be sold individually Contact me any time if interested.

Spare Complete rebuilt engine (Only 7 Race weekends very strong) Includes clutch and pressure plate. $150
Another spare engine the last rebuild required only a top end. Very competitive, (no clutch nor pressure plate) $100

New clutch $100

Spare header (heat treated) $100

Heat treated Y pipe and tail pipe $100

ECU $100

New fuel pump $100

Oil cooler $ 50

New Mass air flow $ 50

Good Used Mass air flow $ 25

Hans Device Model 30RP Medium Carbon Fiber $150 Sold

All items plus shipping

For price of the car, additional pictures, or other questions email me at
78 car front frame 2.jpg
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78 car rear frame.jpg (8.66 KiB) Viewed 1123 times
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Needs a Life!!!
Needs a Life!!!
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I haven’t ever sold a race car before. I have to say the experience over the 7 days it was up for sale, was something I never anticipated. I want to thank everyone who was interested in the car and the parts. At first it looked like the car was going to go to Illinois, then Seattle, Los Gatos and finally it got a home just 15 miles from us.

I spent the weekend getting it ready along with packaging up all the parts etc. I found it very difficult to let go, as there were so many memories of the 22 years of racing the car, as a family with my daughter Robyn, who got us into racing and my son Scott.

I went through the log books of both of our cars and noted we raced over 125 weekends during that period of time, which is well over 150 races. We raced Regionals, National, Pros, Majors and even one street course for the Minneapolis Grand Prix. Scott at the time, I believe was about 18 years old. Those were good days. I am sure he will always remember us being interviewed by the Speed Chanel, as they were interested in talking to a local driver and his family racing team.

There are so many people to thank for making these memories possible. First of all the corner workers. I feel your pain as Robyn, Scott and I worked corners for several years for Skip Barber, many times in the worst conditions.

Then there were all the drivers and their families of which many are no longer with us, or still engaged in racing. Sharing parts, sharing stories and help.

I always thought that Enterprise had a soft spot for us, as a low budget family operation. Mike, Shannon and Nicki, thank you, so very very much.

Then there were all the prep shops and CSR’s that were willing to help us. Thanks Lars, John, Brian, Beau, Jay, Phil, Troy and Scott. Sorry if I missed anyone.

One last story. Many years ago at a Mid Ohio pro race, we were having electrical problems with the car. A guy came over to help us, that we had never met before. It was over 90 degrees and the humidity had to be over 70%. He worked for 4 hours on the car to find the problem. We tried to pay him, but he wouldn’t take a dime. I only knew him by his first name, Steve. On my way home, I wished I would have had more time to spend with him and get to know him better. I vowed that if I ever came in contact with him and he needed help, I would do whatever I could.

Several years later I noticed a CSR that had a new web site selling parts. I called them and a guy by the name Steve Fenske answered the phone. We got to talking and for some reason my mind wondered back to that day at Mid Ohio. I said you couldn’t have been the Steve that helped us. He said as a matter of fact I was that guy. We developed a great friendship and sent as much of my business as I could to him.

That is what makes this class so good. Yesterday while working on the car, my neighbor came over and he noticed something on the tail section and wanted to know the story. It said “In Memory of Steve Fenske. I told him the story, like I am telling you now. Thanks so much Steve!

Finally, I have one more person I need to thank. It is Patricia. You see for 18 years she was my crew chief and my inspiration. She also just happened to be my wife, my very best friend and my hero.
When Robyn and Scott were young, she first developed cancer. It changed our whole life. She always had a positive attitude. How many spouses would agree to send their 21 year old daughter and her 16 year old son to racing school?

She always told me, you can race for as long as you want, just don’t tell me what it costs! I never did, but it’s time to fess up. Patricia it costs a bundle, but it’s well worth it and thanks for your support. I just wish you could have made it for my last race.


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What a wonderful post, best of luck Pat.
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:!: Thank you for sharing that. Terrific story. :!:
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