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PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 12:01 pm
Hey guys,
In case you haven't heard, iRacing is updating the SRF to the Gen 3. The tires will be the Hoosiers instead of the bias Goodyears, and the Sadev will be used!!!! I did some testing for the iracing engineer and also was able to get one of the best SRF3 drivers to test on my rig and give some feedback on the accuracy. The one and only Racer X, Denny Stripling. Hopefully he can comment here for you, but his impressions were that this is usable now and a really good simulation of the real world car.
Here is the post from iRacing on the update:
Slated for the Season 3, 2021 (June) release, we have transformed the Spec Racer Ford into a third Generation (Gen 3 / SRF3) racecar. While this update will not see any significant art updates, the underlying chassis and performance has been upgraded.
Significant changes:
-New radial tires using the latest iRacing physics model. This includes updates to more closely match the Hoosier measured sizes.
-More powerful (135HP vs. 105 HP or 30% more) 1.6L DOHC Ford engine that revs to 6750 RPM
-Overall vehicle weight reduced by 7% to reflect SCCA rules for this car class
-New SADEV 6-speed sequential dog-ring gearbox (coming to SCCA competition in 2022) replaces the old 5-speed H-pattern syncho unit.
-Temperature sensitive brake pads (require some heating by the driver) for the first time on this car
-The car model was developed with the help of top iRacing sim and real world SCCA drivers.
-The Baseline setup was developed with input from real world and sim development drivers.
-Laptimes are ~5% faster or 5 seconds/lap on a typical 100 sec road course.
This update will replace the current model upon release.

Hope to see some of you on track soon! We have an unofficial SCCA league on Tues evenings that use the SRF as one of the 3 classes. Ray Esports Racing league is also broadcast on YouTube on the Apex Racing Channel and has a familiar voice calling the action, Gregg Ginsburg, the voice of the Super Tour and Runoffs. If you would like to join, let me know!
Steve "Stevie" Ray

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