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Still Learning to Type
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The June Sprints is still on. Road America and Chicago Region are working with Wisconsin, and so far, so good.

Some things to note: Bring masks and hand sanitizer. Your balaklava is a mask…. Crew and guests will most likely be required to wear them. Pain in the ass, yes. But a small price to pay in order to race. Gojo or equivalent is a hand santizer…. Technically so is race fuel 

Annual tech: 2019 annual tech validity has been extended. Any annual conducted on or after March 12th will be valid. Please make sure to double check your safety items.

If you will need an annual, please try and let our tech crew know ahead of time, so we can try and schedule them without crowding.

We are working on modified tech per SCCA guidelines, to streamline things. I am not yet sure how gear check is going to work when you get your tech sticker, but my guess is that it is not necessary if you have a valid (normal or extended) annual.

The final schedule is here: https://ucarecdn.com/c63d6c0b-2040-4a9a ... f3a4f0a71/

RA is still holding a test day Thursday. Contact RA for details. We will be parking people starting some time late Wednesday.

68 SRF's registered so far. I am looking forward to racing with those of you in the back third of the field :)

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