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Ready to Write a Book
Ready to Write a Book
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:46 pm
Turned out to be a good time. Group 5 wasn't bad but maybe I was just lucky with the turn out? There were a few Swift's which were faster. Their track record is about 6 seconds faster than ours so that was expected. After the swifts I was faster by a wide margin then the rest of the field so a little company would have been welcome.

Ran into trouble in the last race. Was passed after we went green by a car with a lot more acceleration. Could have easily went several seconds a lap faster but couldn't safely pass him. I was told they really didn't like passing in the corners so my options were limited. Made for a somewhat frustrating race as at that point I wasn't racing anymore just trying to stay out of trouble.

Was a lot of fun checking out all the vintage cars and seeing them on track. Some really well maintained and beautiful machines. I'd bet some if not most run better than new.
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Needs a Life!!!
Needs a Life!!!
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Glad to see that running with Group 5 went well.

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