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I purchased a SRF in the off season and am interrested in purchasing a trailer. I am in the Philadelphia, PA area and am interrested in knowing what may be for sale within a few hundred miles. Please let me know if you have anything for sale. I am looking for a reliable 20 ft enclosed trailer or a small twin axle open trailer for a SRF. I have been monitoring and craigslist, and investigated new trailers, but someone recommended that I post an ad here to see what's out there.

Thank you,
Richard H.

P.S. The Spec Racer forum has provided me a wealth of information so far. I look forward to joining the community.

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There is an 18ft enclosed 2012 for $4300 in the classified of this site. Not sure if it is still available though.
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I have an SRF-perfect one car enclosed trailer (7x14) but it's not located within your desired radius. Ping me at dennystripling at gmail if you'd like more information.
Bay 12, please.

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PM sent
Jim Regan

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What did you end up buying?

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