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Trailer For Sale
Unique 17 ft. Hanson enclosed trailer for sale. The trailer is set-up to haul 2 Spec Racers. The box dimensions are 17' 6" by 101"wide, it is insulated and interior walls are lined with white aluminum. It has a work bench with cabinets and a built in toolbox in addition it has chemical and oil storage racks it also has a roll out sun shade. It is wired for 110 volts and has both 110 volt lights and 12 volt lights. Tires are new, bearings have been repacked and electric brakes checked. It has a unique hoist system that attaches to the roll cage and lifts one car up, load bars are installed and the upper car attaches to the load bars. Lower car then drives in underneath. When the cars are out of the trailer the entire inside of the trailer is open space. This trailer is in good condition and is built like a tank. Trailer is located in Northern California. $5,000, Kevin Rogers, (916)744-1914, or e-mail for photo's to rogersk@crc.losrios.edu

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